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 Hello Ketoers ! A big Hug ? I am Ankita, 26, Research fellow, here to share all I can about my low carb Journey. I have really good information to share and upcoming topics to discuss. Here I will be sharing all my recipes with a Indian tadka, and trust me; they won’t disappoint you at all. 

     The main trigger to start this blog was to make Indians aware of the whole keto hype and demyth some wrong stories. As I went through this journey , I developed a liking for keto cooking and found that it doesn’t have to be boring. So here I am to help my fellow Indian brothers and sisters to overcome the overwhelming amount of carbs we used to eat, and adjust to this wonderful lifestyle( yes not diet) in a short time.

    I am not a person who will just gulp down tasteless meat steaks and bulletproof coffee. Always believed to cook as per my taste, and that includes Indian style as well as continental.

    To Start with my history, I was always a fat girl who loved her sugar and biscuits. I dealt with my eating disorder in the most horrid way of starving my body, eating “healthy” carbs or so I thought ! At the end of the day, I always felt hungry, horrible and helpless. I had developed symptoms of PCOS/PCOS , and all sorts of hormonal imbalances. But this was going to be my fate as my sugar intake put my hormones out of whack. 

      It all started slowly when I started limiting carbs and sugar, and started feeling little better. And to top it all, suddenly my periods became regular. But still, I felt very weak because I didn’t have proper resources for energy.  After many trial amd errors, research led me to know  the Low carb High fat Moderate protein Ketogenic Diet, through some video I saw on YouTube. It was about some lady losing fat drastically and improving her life . So there it all began, my journey to fit me ! Within 1 month of starting the diet, I had lost whopping 10 kilos, without any side effects. And trust me guys, there is so muh to share with you ; that I cannot wait to start my blog with some awesome posts. I am sure you will keep coming here, follow me and improve your fitness.

Low carb, High fat diet Follower.

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