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Baking utensils

Basic bread baking tray:

The only reason I am posting about the bread baking tray is because this is the best I have used so far. It has not burnt any of my breads nor does it have any other problems.  Definitely a must-buy for beginners.

Cheesecake mould :

Ideal for cheesecakes. This is the best one I found.  Though, you have to make your cheese cake mix and lock it well to prevent leaking .

Muffin tray :

This is am excellent addition to your kitchen if you want to make some muffins, small mini-cheesecakes or fat bombs too. The idea to buy this was I could divide my cheesecake batter or muffin batter equally within 6 moulds and thus could distribute and calculate macros easily.

Pie dish :

Ideal for using it for low-carb pies and tarts

Hand mixer :

You cannot survive baking without a hand mixer. Although there are other cheap brands available, I used them and they got spoilt within few months and one exploded while I was whipping some heavy cream. I have been using this without any damage from last 6 months. Do give this a try. I love this hand mixer, FYI. And they provide 2 years warranty on this product and others do not for 2 years.

Oven mitts :

Oven toaster Griller :

 I am doing a special mention for this product because I have been using this for baking from last 1 year. I used other ovens before but this is special. I bake my low-carb cakes, breads, pockets, even casseroles, pies, muffins, cheesecakes, you name it. This is a must-have if you want to bring some variety to your diet and plan to bake some cookies and breads.

Cake moulds :

These are budget-friendly ones I bought . They come in set of 3 differenr designs. It can be used in OTGs, convection mode of microwaves and pressure cookers too.

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